Brass Shiv Parivar God Idol (10.2 Inch)

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Size- Height -26  CM, Width - 25  CM, Length - 8 CM

Weight​ - 4700 GRAMS

HSN - 8306

Material - BRASS

Lord Rama (standing in middle) is seen with his younger brother Laxmana (Standing on his right), his wife Sita (standing on his left) and his supreme devotee, Hanuman, (sitting with hands folded) in front of him

Shiv is the Hindu god of destruction, austerity, and transformation. His consort, Uma, provides him with the energy needed for his duties. He is also known as "Neel Kantha" due to his blue neck caused by consuming poison. His son Ganesh, remover of obstacles, has a human trunk and elephant's head with a mouse as his vehicle. Kartikeya, the god with six heads, leads the divine army against evil forces, symbolized by six qualities.